Spice Up Your Love Life

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Sex Advice For Gay Men

From sex toys to massage, there are many different ways for you and your partner to reconnect in the bedroom.

Is your love life lacking in excitement? Its perfectly normal to go through a bit of a dull patch in the bedroom it happens to most couples in long-term relationships. You can do something about it though! Weve put together a little guide to help you get your sex life back on track.

Setting the scene

One of the easiest ways to introduce some passion back to your love life is to set the scene. Clear away the mess in your bedroom, change the sheets, light some candles and play some relaxing, romantic music. Were much less likely to enjoy sex if were stressed, and having chaotic surroundings really contributes to that. So turn your bedroom into a sensual sanctuary, where nothing else mattes but you and your partner.

Sex toys for men

Toys are a great way of adding some excitement to your sex life. There are so many out there, including a good few designed for couples to use together. If you or your partner has been struggling to perform, then using a toy will allow you to prolong the experience whether its a dildo or a cock ring. If you or your partner arent sure which one is right for you, splash out on a few sex toys for gay men and work your way through them!

Switch up the positions

If youre having sex in the same position every time then its bound to get boring! So do a little research into some new sex positions. You dont have to try anything too acrobatic sometimes just switching up whos on top can be really refreshing. If you want to really shake things up, choose a different position at random before you have sex, and give it a good attempt! Being able to try things and laugh together is so important.

Role playing

Role play is a really great way of shaking things up in the bedroom. Pretending to be someone else can make it easier to try new things, particularly if you involve costumes and toys. There are lots of different kinds of role play out there, from the classic teacher and student to some more, shall we say, niche fantasies. Or you could just pretend that you are meeting for the first time, and enjoy sex with all the thrills that a casual hook up entails. Whatever persona you adopt tonight, expect fireworks!

Focus on foreplay

Last but very much not least is foreplay. So many of us skip straight to the main act, but the build up can be just as pleasurable. One of the best ways to get in the mood is with an erotic massage. Stock up on some oils, clear your schedule and just focus on making your partner feel good. Slowly, sensually massaging every inch of his body will get both of you hungry for more in no time at all but try to prolong the pleasure for as long as you can!

Heres to your reinvigorated love life!

We hope that youre feeling more optimistic about your love life now that you can see how easy it is to reignite that spark. With a little bit of effort on both your parts, youll be feeling like loved-up teenagers again in no time! So start making a change tonight.

Meet Single Girls in Southend – Find The Best Women in Essex

Suzanne why i love being a kent escort

Why You Should Hire a Local Escort

If you want to meet up with a like-minded girl for a night of cheeky fun, then look no further than the best escort agency in town.

If youre a single guy in Southend, you dont need us to tell you that the area is home to some of the sexiest girls in Essex. If you want to spend the evening with a real knockout beauty, then you should consider hiring an escort. Never tried it before? Then youve got so much to look forward to! So where can you find the hottest escorts in Southend? At Hot Babes of course!

Find the woman of your dreams

Its so much easier to find your dream girl using an escort agency than, say, Tinder. Youll be able to take your pick from a much wider selection of local beauties at Hot Babes, and you can easily narrow down that choice by things like hair colour and age. So whether you want to hook up with a sexy mature blonde or a petite teen brunette, you dont have to spend hours trawling through a dating app to find a woman who takes your fancy.

Safe and convenient

There are lots of sexy singletons up for a night of fun in Southend, but hiring an escort is a much more convenient way of hooking up with local girls. First of all, you can be sure that theyll be on time a must for Southend guys with busy schedules. An escort will fit in around your availability, with no compromises. Hiring an escort from Hot Babes is much safer too, as their girls never indulge in risky behaviour with their clients and are all over 18.

No-strings fun

If you are only looking for something casual, then hiring an escort really is your best option. Your escort wont expect any commitment, so you can enjoy as many casual dates with her as you like. The girls at Hot Babes are real professionals, and know that your hook-up is just a bit of fun. So whether you pick the same girl each time or experiment with a few different Southend beauties, you can do so with no worries about offending or upsetting anyone.

Discretion is guaranteed

If theres one thing that separates a great escort from a good one, its her ability to be discreet. Weve already spoken about the professionalism of the escorts at Hot Babes, and that is what makes them stand out from their rivals. They are always well behaved, dressed elegantly, and have mastered the art of arriving for a date without attracting any unwanted attention. So whether you are meeting at a Southend pub or shes visiting your home, you can book with confidence.

Be seduced by a gorgeous babe

Its in the privacy of your home or Southend hotel that these girls will really wow you. They have spent years hooking up with men from Southend and all over Essex, and as a result they are experienced, open-minded and totally unflappable. So it doesnt matter how wild your fantasies are you wont be able to shock your sexy Southend escort. Instead youll share a night of incredible passion and feel like a whole new man afterwards!

Southend is the place to be for single guys!

As you can see, the escorts at Hot Babes offer a truly first class service. With these incredibly talented girls available at seriously competitive hourly rates, theres no reason not to go ahead and enjoy an unforgettable evening of seduction in Southend. Sun, sea and sexy escorts what more could a guy want?

The Best Strip Clubs in London

The Best Strip Clubs in London

The Perfect Gentlemans Night Out

For an unforgettable night out, head to one of Londons leading strip clubs.

Theres no better city in the world for single guys than London. The capital is home to lots of great strip clubs, and youre sure to find the perfect place to let your hair down and get close to some gorgeous girls. Here are our picks of the best gentlemans clubs in town plus an option for those who would rather party in a more private setting.

Platinum Lace

Platinum Lace is one of the most popular strip clubs in town, and its central Leicester Square location makes it a favourite with tourists. Opulently decorated in a 1920s art deco style, its the perfect place to take in some sexy dances. With daring acts like fire dancing and acrobatics on the menu too, this is a strip club not to be missed.


Stringfellows has to be the most iconic strip club in London. Since it opened in 1980 its been a magnet for the rich and famous but its open to non-members too. So whether youre a rock star or just wanting to live like one for a night, this is the place to be. With great food, great music and of course, great girls, Stringfellows is a must-visit for every red-blooded man.

23 Paul Street

23 Paul Street market themselves as a cabinet of curiosities and we couldnt have put it better ourselves. This upmarket London gentlemans club certainly has a unique vibe, from the location thats steeped in history to the outlandish performances they put on. If youre after something extra-special, then youve come to the right place.

For Your Eyes Only

At over 14,000 square foot, For Your Eyes Only isnt just the largest strip club in London, but the largest in the whole country. It boasts four stages, 29 VIP booths, 24 private booths and up to 100 girls performing at any one time. No other club in the capital offers guests so much choice making it ideal for big parties.


Last but certainly not least is SophistiCats. This upmarket venue is ideally suited to those who want to avoid any extra attention. It has a discreet entrance so that you can slip in unnoticed. Once you are inside, you can take advantage of a number of different dances, as well as champagne and VIP seating. Thanks to the discretion of everyone at the club, you can really let your hair down.

Hire an escort

If you dont fancy going to a strip club, why not treat yourself to a private performance in the comfort of your home or hotel? If you hire a girl from a top London Escort Agency, you could be treated to a saucy striptease by a beautiful girl. Not only that, but shell be able to help you fulfil some of your other fantasies too. After all, youll have all night!

An amazing night awaits!

As you can see, London really is a single mans paradise! Whether you head out to a strip club or opt for a more private striptease in the comfort of your bedroom, youre sure to have a fantastic time in the capital. So go on treat yourself to a night of naughtiness!

Stag Nights in Bristol

Stag Nights in Bristol

Let Your Hair Down with Hot Local Escorts


If you want to give the groom a send-off to remember, then why not book a few local escorts to join in the fun?


Planning an epic stag night for your best mate? Good job youre going to be celebrating in Bristol then! This is one of the best places in the UK to party, with some truly iconic nightspots. Whether youre looking for quirky bars or buzzing clubs, you and the lads will be able to toast the groom in style. You can also make the grooms last night of freedom go with a bang by inviting some of the best escorts Bristol has to offer to come and join in on the fun!


No better place to party

So, lets talk about Bristol. Its one of the most vibrant and lively cities in the UK, and is a pretty good place to let your hair down. It doesnt matter if youre Bristol born and bred or only in town for a stag night, as the friendly locals make everyone feel at home. You can expect that same warmth and friendliness from the citys escorts, who love to spend time with all kinds of men. Whether you just hire a pair of girls or book a bevy of babes, youll get along famously.

Hit the local nightspots

Bristol has an incredible nightlife, and youll find plenty of places to enjoy a few drinks with the boys. Pubs like The Hatchet Inn and Small Bar are perfect for a few relaxed drinks. Bristol is also home to some of the best nightclubs in the country. If you want to party until the early hours, then head to PRYZM or Basement 45 for a legendary night out. The best escorts in town love to let their hair down, so you can hit as many nightspots as you like!

Party in private

Once the clubs have closed or youve had your fill of partying, you can carry on the fun in private with some of the best Bristol escorts. You can invite your gorgeous companions back to your Bristol hotel, and theyll keep you up all night with their charming personalities and skills of seduction. Whether one of the girls is treating the groom to a saucy striptease or unleashing her inner dominatrix on the naughtiest stag, an elite Bristol escort will leave every man feeling totally satisfied.

Theyll keep your secrets

Men get up to all kinds of naughty fun on their stag nights, but if you hire your Bristol babes from a top agency like Portfolio Escorts. They carry out their work with discretion and professionalism, always mindful of the fact that many guys on stag parties have partners waiting for them at home. When you celebrate with a top escort, you can be sure that she will keep her lips firmly sealed. What happens in Bristol will stay in Bristol!

Book your Bristol babe

Now that you know where to find the best escorts in Bristol, why not bring them along for a little fun on the stag night youre planning? Theyre open-minded and fun-loving, and are happy to go along with whatever you have planned for the evening. Great company, fantastic clubs and beautiful women what more do you need on an epic night out?

The Best Gay Massage in London

The Best Gay Massage in London

Introducing the Citys Best Gay Masseur

Finding a hot local masseur doesn’t need to be hard.

Are you looking for the best Gay Massage London has to offer? Then theres no need to keep getting in touch with different agencies trying to find the perfect masseur for you. Now you can find all the best massage professionals in London all on one site. Absolute Male Massage has become the top place for gay men looking for a great massage in the city. Easy to use, full of qualified massage therapists and best of all, free, it really is invaluable. Youll wonder how on earth you found a great local masseur beforehand!

Youll be booking the best

Only the best masseurs are allowed to sign up with Absolute Male Massage. They are thoroughly vetted before they are included on any local listings, and past clients are encouraged to leave reviews. So when you look at a masseur, you can be sure that not only was he providing a great service before he signed up to Absolute Male Massage, but is continuing to do so now.

Learn about your masseur

As you are going to be sharing a very intimate time together, youll want to know as much about your masseur as you possibly can before you book. If you use Absolute Male Massage to book your massage therapist, you will be able to look at detailed profiles that will tell you everything you need to know about each man. Featuring bios, photographs, and rates, youll be able to go into your appointment totally informed.

Book incall and outcall appointments

You will be able to arrange incall and outcall massages through Absolute Male Massage. While each masseur has different availability, the majority of them offer both kinds of appointment. So you can either visit your masseur at his clean, secure massage premises, or you can have him come to your home or London hotel. Theres no right or wrong option its totally down to your personal preference.

Finding a gay friendly service

Looking for a gay massage is so easy if you book with Absolute Male Massage. A masseuse will say if he offers a gay friendly service, so you can book with complete peace of mind. Theres no queries to make over the phone, or crossed wires to deal with during your appointment. You can go into your massage knowing exactly what kind of service you are going to get.

Discretion is the word

Professionalism and discretion are guaranteed when you book a talented masseur through Absolute Male Massage. These men will carry out their work with the utmost respect for your reputation, and will do all that they can to keep your appointment just between the two of you. As Absolute Male Massage is an online service, you will also be able to find a masseur with no worries of being overheard so you can do it when and where you like.

Book your London masseur today

Now that you know how to find the best gay masseurs London has to offer, theres no reason why you cant arrange a relaxing evening for yourself. In no time at all, you could be melting under the talented touch of a friendly, qualified masseur in your area. So why delay? Its time to treat yourself to an evening thats all about you!

Meet Sexy Singles in Manchester

Meet Sexy Singles in Manchester

Why You Should Hire a Local Escort


If you want to spend the night with a gorgeous girl in Manchester, then why not hire an escort from The Girl Collection?


Are you a single guy looking for a lady who’s up for some fun? Then cut straight to the chase and hire a hot local escort! Its fast becoming the favourite way for men in the city to find a sexy singleton to spend the evening with. Of course, when you hire an escort you’ll want to be sure that you’re getting one of the best girls in the business. So give The Girl Collection a call! They’re where you’ll find the hottest city escorts at prices that wont break the bank!


Don’t cut corners, book with the best

When you hire an escort, it is always better to do through an agency. Your payment will be processed quickly and securely, and your details will never be passed on to any third parties. You can also rest assured that your escort is going to be a) healthy and happy, and b) legally allowed to work in the UK. It just makes much better sense to book with a team who do everything properly.


The most gorgeous girls

At The Girl Collection, you’ll be able to choose an escort from some of the most beautiful girls in Manchester. This is an agency who have been really careful with the girls that they allow to join them, and as a result you’ll find a really wide array of girls with serious sex appeal. From teen blondes to mature busty brunettes, each lady will bowl you over.


A skilled seductress

When you hire an escort, you’ll be spending the night with a woman who really knows what she is doing in the bedroom. All of the escorts at The Girl Collection have spent their time in the industry wisely, honing their skills of seduction with each appointment. So there isn’t much that they dont know about pleasing a man, and they come into each appointment with a really open-minded, adventurous attitude.


Discreet and professional babes

The escorts at The Girl Collection love to have fun with their clients, but they are professionals above all else. So they will never do anything to embarrass you when you’re together, whether you’re hitting a Manchester nightclub or heading up to your hotel suite. She will always be dressed appropriately too, making her a suitable date for all kinds of events.


Convenient incall and outcall appointments

The best thing about hiring an escort is that you can do it at a time and place that suits you. Whether you want to hit the local clubs or have her visit you at your home or Manchester hotel, you’ll be able to arrange a date that fits right into your schedule. A great agency like The Girl Collection will always work around your availability, so your appointment will be super convenient for you.


A stunning Manchester escort awaits!

Will you treat yourself to an evening with one of the sexiest ladies in Manchester? All it takes is a quick phone call to the friendly team at The Girl Collection, and then you’ll be all set for an incredible night. With so many other guys hiring local babes for some casual encounters, you’d be silly to miss out on all the fun!

Meet A Fair Maiden in Mayfair

Mayfair Dolls

High Class Escorts in the West End

With a beautiful escort on your arm youll feel like the luckiest man in town!

Are you a single guy looking for some fun in Mayfair? Then you should hire a hot local escort! There are so many gorgeous escorts in Mayfair to choose from, and there is so much to see and do in the area. Never hired an escort before? Then its natural to be a little nervous. After all, there are so many misconceptions out there. If you hire your beautiful London escort from Dolls and Roses, youll be looked after from start to finish. Here is what makes them so popular with men in the capital.

Beautiful ladies

The best escorts in Mayfair are incredibly beautiful, and love to dress up for their dates. They rival the models and celebrities who call Mayfair home, and will fit right in at one of the areas top clubs or restaurants in fact, some also work as models. Of course, the definition of a perfect escort varies from man to man, and thats why youll find such a great selection at Dolls and Roses.

Your Mayfair night out

So what will you both get up to during your night out in Mayfair? The area is home to some great restaurants, and the escorts at Dolls and Roses just love dinner dates. Fera at Claridges is where youll regularly find them dining with clients. The area boasts some fantastic nightclubs too. The Cuckoo Club is a super-exclusive venue, but its worth the wait to get in!

The art of seduction

The best escorts in Mayfair arent just pretty faces. Theyre highly skilled seductresses, and will wow you with their skills and adventurous nature in the bedroom. There really isnt much that these girls dont know about pleasing a man, and theyre willing to give anything a go. So if you have a fantasy that youve always wanted to fulfil, give Dolls and Roses a call!

Book with the best agency

There are lots of independent escorts working in Mayfair but its always better to opt for an agency. Escorts working for an agency like Dolls and Roses will have to meet much higher standards, and will be trained to give you the best possible experience. You can also be sure that your escort wont have indulged in any risky behaviour with her other clients, and that a night with her will not carry any risk.

A discreet service

You can invite a high class Mayfair escort to your home or hotel with complete confidence. They will always arrive discreetly, which is great if youre worried about nosy neighbours or fellow hotel guests. They will always be dressed appropriately too, and will never do anything to embarrass you. They understand that a gentlemans reputation is everything, and wont ever jeopardise yours.

Book a Mayfair babe tonight

So will you splash out on a night with a beautiful escort in Mayfair? With so many different girls available at Dolls and Roses, the only difficult decision will be which one to pick! These ladies are really popular though, so its a good idea to book without delay. Once youve arranged your date, you can look forward to a night of unrivalled passion in Mayfair with your beautiful companion.

These Naughty Knightsbridge Escorts Are Waiting For Your Call

Knightsbridge escorts

Why You Should Call La Belle Affaire

If youre a single guy on the hunt for a gorgeous girl, then look no further than the number one Knightsbridge escort agency.

Looking for a hot date in the capital? Then why not pick up the phone and book an escort for an evening of fun? So many guys in London make dates with escorts a regular part of their schedules. If you have never hired an escort before, then youre missing out. These ladies are fun-loving, gorgeous and very naughty indeed. Where can you find the best girls in the business then? Well if you call the number one Knightsbridge Escort Agency La Belle Affaire, youll be able to hook up with the escort of your dreams.

Book with the best

There are so many escorts working in London, but its essential that you book with a trusted agency. If youre going to be unleashing your naughty side with an escort, youll want to be sure that shes healthy, happy and will deliver a great service. Being able to talk to the friendly, knowledgeable team at La Belle Affaire before you book will allow you to go into your appointment with complete confidence.

Skills of seduction

The best escorts in Knightsbridge are extremely experienced, and their knowledge of how to please a man is pretty much unparalleled. These ladies have spent years honing their skills, and that means that you can expect a service thats miles ahead of any other escort agency. Whether youre just seeing where the night goes or have a fantasy in mind, shell wow you with her skills of seduction.

Open-minded and understanding

As well as being really experienced, the leading Knightsbridge escorts are very open-minded too. Often, a man worries about confiding in an escort because hes worried hell be laughed at or rejected. Well theres no danger of that here. These gorgeous girls are open to all kinds of fun, and will give your requests the respect that they deserve. So you can really let go in her company, knowing that she is adventurous enough to give anything a go.

Dressed to impress

The naughtiest escorts in town just love to dress up for their clients, and are really confident showing off their gorgeous figures. Heres a little insiders tip for you. When you hire an escort, you can actually request that she wears something particular. That could be anything from a short skirt to a clingy little black dress. Of course, dressing up can play a part in the bedroom too. Whether you love a naughty nurses uniform or some sexy lace lingerie, shell put on quite the show for you.

A whole weekend of fun

Always wanted to treat yourself to a dirty weekend in the capital? Then why not splash out on a hotel room and bring an escort along to join you? The escorts at La Belle Affaire are very discreet, so you can feel confident inviting them to a five star hotel. Once youve settled into your luxurious room the fun can really begin!

Go on, treat yourself!

A night with a naughty London escort is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, boost your confidence in the bedroom, or simply relax at the end of a long week. Whatever reason youre hiring an escort for, make sure that you call La Belle Affaire to secure one of the very best girls in the business.

Stopover In Stansted? Call Fantasy London Tonight!

Stanstea escort

Spice Up Your Time At The Airport

No one likes the long waits at an airport so hire an escort to keep any boredom at bay.

Faced with a long stopover in Stansted? Then dont despair! By hiring an escort to keep you company during your time at this London transport hub, youll be anything but bored. If youve never hired an escort before, then youve been missing out on so much fun. Single guys in the capital have been hiring Stansted Escorts for some time now. They provide the best of both worlds an unbelievably sensual service thats carried out with the utmost professionalism and discretion. Sound good to you? Then read on to find out where you can find the best Stansted escorts the area has to offer.

The most beautiful Stansted escorts

Fantasy London Girls are the leading escort agency in Stansted, and its there that youll find the most beautiful girls. Now, wouldnt a beautiful woman make the time you have to spend waiting for your next flight a little bit more bearable? Youll have plenty to choose from when you book through this highly regarded agency. Youll find every kind of girl here from blonde English Roses to sun-kissed exotic beauties. Whatever your type, they have you covered.

A sensual time together

During your stopover in Stansted youll have plenty of time to get to know each other. So why not splash out on a hotel room and relax in an intimate, private setting? The escorts at Fantasy London Girls are very open-minded and adventurous, and are very comfortable exploring their sexuality. Theyve spent years honing their skills of seduction, and will leave you feeling totally satisfied. Nothing will make a layover fly by more than sharing your bed with one of the most tempting women in Stansted.

Youll be able to trust them

Discretion is guaranteed when you hire a Stansted escort from Fantasy London Girls. Not every gentlemen wants the details of his love life to become public, and thats something that the agency really respect. Your payment will be processed securely, and none of your personal details will be shared with a third party. Your escort will be dressed elegantly and will arrive for your date discreetly, leaving no one the wiser about her profession. After your date, you can be sure that your escort will keep the most intimate details to herself. So you can book in complete confidence.

Book an escort every time you fly

If you are a frequent flyer, then why not make your appointment with a Stansted escort a regular occurrence? Youll be able to look forward to your time at the airport, and youll be able to go into the second leg of your journey feeling satisfied and relaxed. You could choose a different escort each time you visit the airport, or you could stick to your favourite girl its totally up to you!

Book now to secure your Stansted escort

A long stopover at Stansted will soon become less of an ordeal and something to really enjoy. The escorts in the area are extremely popular, and dates with them are in high demand. So to avoid any disappointment, be sure to book your beautiful babe with plenty of time to spare. Youll then be able to look forward to a stopover the likes of which youve never experienced before!

Where To Get The Best Body Rub in NYC

new york sexy body rub massage

A Sensual Treat For Yourself

A body rub is one of the best ways to relax in New York City and you can find the best massage specialists at the Cauldron.

Looking to relax and unwind in New York City? Then a sensual body rub could be just the thing for you! Whether you live in New York or are only in town for a short while, a body rub is one of the most enjoyable ways to cut down on stress and just indulge in a bit of you time. So where can you find the best body rub in the city?

A local favourite

The Cauldron NYC has established itself as the number one body rub agency in New York. Why? Well, it offers a service thats miles head of its competitors. All too often a guy will head to a massage parlour and find that the girls are just going through the motions, keen to finish quickly and then move on to their next appointment. Not here! At the Cauldron, you will be totally pampered and taken care of in the comfort of your home or hotel room.

A tailor made service

What can you expect? Well, The Cauldron prides itself on their girls. Stunning beautiful and always professional, they can be relied on to arrive at your chosen location discreetly and then wow you behind closed doors. Your body rub will be totally tailored to your unique needs and desires, and your body rub specialist will approach your time together with an open mind and sense of fun. Youll be able to relax, lay back and enjoy a massage like no other!

Why delay? Book today!

When you book your New York body rub, Cauldron will do all the hard work for you. Their gorgeous body rub providers even bring their own massage oil. Their sole aim is to take complete care of you and provide you with a massage experience the likes of which you wont be able to get anywhere else. Give them a call today!